Is Justin Trudeau the true successor to Wilfred Laurier?

Just a quick t-chart of Justin Trudeau vs Wilfred Laurier for my academic controversy preparation. Sorry if the spacing is weird, when I copied and pasted it over from word, it was altered a bit…

Justin Trudeau Wilfred Laurier
Liberal Liberal
Replaced Stephen Harper— long standing conservative Replaced John A. Macdonald— long standing conservative
Advocates for “national unity” over divisiveness. Claims changing voting system would break us up Used compromise to fight for “national unity” with support to Canada’s independence.
Believes persuasion beats power “sunny ways” Believes persuasion beats power “sunny ways”
Tries to create compromise between indigenous, anglophones and francophones Tried to create compromise between indigenous, anglophones and francophones
Supported NAFTA free trade agreement Wanted free trade with U.S. (failed in the end)
Supports immigrants, claiming it is Canada’s duty. 25,000 from Syria within four months of election

He believes that immigrants will help Canada’s economic growth

Supported influx of immigrants to Canada West (especially those who were white) as they would help farm, boosting Canada’s economy. 
Promised increased infrastructure and affordable housing through technological advancement

     -which put us in debt

Promised building of towns and railways

     -Put Canada in debt, and citizens had to pay it back with high taxes

Sociable personality Sociable personality
Supports indigenous relations, and believes that they are currently in a state of discrimination Supported Metis peoples (the division between cultures extended the period of time before national unity) and believed their rights were violated
Promised to fund new ships and materials for navy, hasn’t yet Created Canada’s navy in 1910
Cut down spending on Canada’s defence in 2016, and stopped sending fighter planes to middle east Volunteered troops during Boer war, and advocated for more during WWI
Had his father’s name tainting his record His family name had not entered politics previously
Created a cabinet divided equally between women and men; he led the first equal cabinet in history Supported women’s right to vote, encouraging it to be a provincial decision, as he knew that it wouldn’t pass federally, but had a chance in individual provinces
His family took a vacation to a private island in the Bahamas, whose owner caused a conflict of interest. Took over as PM after JAM who was accused of accepting money in exchange for deals with railway companies. 

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