Dear Diary — love Mercy Coles

Mercy Coles

Tuesday, August. 2nd 1864

Dear Diary,

As with everything mildly intriguing, the past few weeks have been brimmed up with gossip and chatter of colonial union in the Coles’ house— rather my home. Father speaks non-stop of Prince Edward Island’s prospect of joining the colonies, with anyone who’s willing to listen. I’m not particularly interested in any political happenings, however I believe that confederation might just affect me personally. There is talk of a meeting with prominent people from each colony to discuss this possible union of colonies. The date is set for September 1st in Charlottetown I believe. While this isn’t all that exciting, the prospect of accompanying my mother and father, certainly is.

The wife and unmarried children of each man are to come along, and hopefully may be courted by the end of it all. Already, I’ve received letters from some gentlemen requesting my attendance at the meetings. I am nearing twenty-seven, and would really prefer to be married by the conclusion of ’65. Twenty-eight is a ghastly age to be unmarried, unless a widow, which I suppose is even more dreadful.

Father has been preparing me for what may come of the meetings for us ladies, and I am simply enthralled in the— dare I say magic of it all. He warns me that many men will approach me to attempt to sway my political standpoint, and in hopes reproach father’s as well. I highly doubt that these men might have an influence over my standpoint, that is worth conveying to father, but we shall see. Father never allows me enough time or breath to share my political views, as it is truly unearthly for a lady such as I to have an opinion on the matter. And I suppose it doesn’t really matter, as I don’t have a solidified view on the ordeal. I just sometimes wish the freedom to say what I think.

So you, diary, will have to listen to all the gib-gab political nonsense I may utter at this moment, simply to clear my chest of the wrongdoings. I suppose that all my views come from my father, and are thus tainted fragments of evidence, but they exist nonetheless. I do believe that a union is destined to come for us, as we are simply too small and meaningless as of where we currently stand. Prince Edward Island can’t do much in terms of disobeying royal orders, although I suppose we wouldn’t wish to do so either way. But if we joined with the other colonies, wouldn’t we still be rather miniature in the scheme of things? I think I’ve heard father speak of this as “rep by pop” but I am unclear on what the terms truly outline. If it means that PEI has the same representation as the other colonies, I guess it’s a good thing, as we have such an important culture here. It’d be a shame to lose everything to the colonies.

Here we have the shore, and the natural ebb and flow of the tides that are so distinctly PEI. Accompanying this, is our fame for a delectable table, with the seafood availability. To give this up, we would be forced into trade, eliminating our resources. Also, the whole prospect of union means no more trading with the Americans essentially, as they are attempting to invade us. I suppose in this regard, union is a good idea in terms of defence, but not a great one for the economy. That’s the word father uses to describe the money we have collectively I believe.

I guess I am a rather loose fish, although I wouldn’t ever dare tell father so, after all of the work he has done to sway PEI, and myself towards his ideals. I guess that father is right though, in saying I’ll be an easy target for the men at the parties, balls, and meetings. He wants to drill his political ideals into me, to ensure this doesn’t occur, but I wouldn’t mind being persuaded by the right gentleman, especially if more conversation ensued from that particular chatter.

For now, I am forced to lie in anticipation of the upcoming meetings, and pray that loyal suitors await my presence. Oh this is all too dreadfully exciting. I shall put my writing utensils down now, and aim for a wink of sleep before father’s lectures tomorrow!


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