Canada: A Post National State? DOL #2

Canada invented the dangerous idea of peacekeeping back in 1948, and up until recently we were the leading country in regards to how many peacekeepers we sent out. However, in recent years we haven’t been doing as much, for whatever reason. The lack of peacekeepers deployed, has been a political decision at its basis; however, many other factors are altered by this choice which Canada as a country, has made. Before Justin Trudeau was elected, he promised $450 million towards Canada’s peacekeeping missions, however we still haven’t spared a dime. This allows our economy a lot of extra money, however it also withholds us from money in a way. Since certain countries are at war, we are unable to trade with them, which in turn affects our overall economical success as a country. 04846342Socially, other countries are also beginning to recognize our lack of aid. Canada was once known as a country of peacekeepers, yet we currently only have 16 individuals who identify with that role. As the number of peacekeepers continues to dwindle, our reputation, and identity as the welcoming, positive country will also diminish. This affects how we interact with other countries, but also other people within this country. Our physical environment which we live in could also become slightly different, due to a possible increase in tension. As well, a fraction of the money which we are not using to send out peacekeepers, may be used towards developing the natural environment in Canada, which some say we have been neglecting for a while now.

I believe that Canada’s disagreeance on the topic of peacekeeping, is properly representative of our journey towards post nationalism. However, we are still able to abide by the guidelines set out for us, and follow the instructions of the government, supporting our outlook on still being a nation. Depending on how you look at Canada’s view on peacekeeping, will affect whether it moves us towards or away from the idea of post nationalism. I personally, think that we are post national, because even back in 1948 we were sending out peacekeepers, to other countries. We wanted to abolish the idea of separation between races and cultures, and simply help other people. However, as we limit our efforts in helping other countries, we are building up those borders again, and shutting out the idea of unification. By doing this, Canada is perpetuating the idea that we are a nation.

Based on the research, and information I have collected, I believe that post nationalism is the agreed identity for Canada. It is about the only thing that we as Canadian’s have in common: that we are all different. However, by trying to define the idea of post nationalism, many are scared, and back out of that mindset. People don’t generally enjoy doing research, so if they don’t have to they won’t. This leaves us as an uneducated society, where many people believe that post nationalism means being as drastic as opening our borders. I think that post nationalism should simply be taken as a word to understand and accept our differences, but not as one to define our identities.

Some articles I used for research…