Social Studies post #1: Historical Perspectives

How can we better understand the people of the past?

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIOne of the most important aspects of understanding the actions of the past, is to try and comprehend the reasoning behind those actions. In order to properly view the choices which historical figures have made, we must put ourselves in a situation where we might be inclined to make the same choices. Miranda Flicker believed that, “The proper standards by which to judge people are the best standards that were available to them at the time” in order to remove our personal bias. It would be interesting as a class to fully delve into the idea that every person of the past, had a different thought process, and therefore made different decisions. A person’s choices, are also directly influenced from their past experiences, and the environment they grew up in. We must understand that some of our current actions, may be considered immoral in the future, while they are completely acceptable right now. People of the past didn’t have the ability to condescend their actions, so we shouldn’t blame them for it. Instead, we should pay attention to the resources, and ideas circulating through the past, and try to at least sympathize with their judgements. In order to fully discern a decision made in the past, we must take into account the people behind the choices.

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  1. You continue to make great progress. Your post is reflective and insightful. I would like to suggest that you record yourself speaking Spanish so that you can hear your progress from beginning to the end of this project.

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