Zip document of learning number 4

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself at the start of your inquiry?

I would tell myself to slow down, and stop being so ambitious. I have spent so long editing these stories, that I had to take a week long break during winter break, from zip, so that I could get the words out of my head. Obviously there are still a lot of errors in the stories, but I had no interest in dealing with them all, when I had the stories memorized word by word. I stopped seeing my own mistakes, and simply reciting the stories in my head. Setting goals are important, but I need to stop wearing myself out with the goals that I set, for it is not beneficial in the long run. Today, will be the first time I look at the stories in over a week, so hopefully my eyes will be refreshed. I have also refrained from having peers edit the stories, as I am taking what Mr. Morris said on the last day of school, to heart. I am worried that if they edit it for more than grammatical, and spelling errors, it will be considered plagiarism, which I do not want to get into. In TALONS we have habits of changing sentence structure and style on our peers work, because we want them to succeed, but there is a thin line between helping and hindering here. I only had people who I trusted to edit the stories without changing everything, edit them; and I was extremely critical of the edits I received, petrified they would change too much. Hopefully, this turns out alright.

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