Zip document of learning number 3

Hola reader(s),

As you know, I have now been working on Zip for a few weeks, which brings us to Christmas break! Unfortunately I am still struggling with the Zip work load this year, much more than I did last year. I did too much last year, so I thought that I was setting goals that were less ambitious… I was wrong. I am pushing through though, and should hopefully be done writing/editing my stories by the end of the break, so that afterwards can be dedicated to working on my presentation. The best part of Zip, is that I love my topic, and am very motivated to do it, but the worst part is how frustrating it is that I can’t spend all of my homework time, working on it. I want to finish it, but it is a lot to do, and I have other priorities. I also love the fact that not much research is required for this project. With all of the online searches that I racked up over eminent, Zip is a nice break. It is a chance to focus on the subject I find most interesting, within my favourite subject. Zip has been a fairly smooth ride, in terms of evenly spreading out the workload, but I am afraid that I haven’t put enough time into it. In the past, I have written short stories in the matter of a few days, but these ones took me almost a week each just to get a draft that I was really happy with. I’ve also been writing a lot more poetry, than I have stories lately, so quite frequently I start writing a sentence, only to realize that I am trying to rhyme it, or add alliteration etc; These are all unnecessary aspects to the kind of story I am going for.

Unfortunately I have to go catch a plane to Mexico now, but I’ll update you when I get back… Feliz Navidad

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