ZIP pidee doo dah, ZIP pideeday. I love writing, and Zip seems okay…

Hello TALONted readers, (although there may only be one of you… I don’t actually know who reads these.)

So, we have started Zip again this year, as I’m sure you got from the last post. I am researching how Freytag’s pyramid affects a readers understanding of a story. During our last work block, I started writing my first short story for this project! yipeee

During Zip, I hope to completely write two short stories, one with a Freytagged plot, and the other following a completely different structure. Since all of the research that I needed to do, was completed by Friday, I got the whole block to just write. I didn’t have much of a plan for what my story was going to be about, or who the characters were or anything, because most of my planning happens when my pen hits the paper (or my fingers to the keyboard in this situation.) I knew that it would be an adventure story, so that starting at the climax for my second story, would be easy to see. However, because I don’t read adventure novels, I found it really hard to find an original idea that wasn’t a direct copy of another book I’ve read. By the end of the block, I had written some 2000 unedited words about a young girl who gets kidnapped. I liked the plot of the story, and how it naturally grew suspenseful, but my words required a TON of editing. At this point, my first story is roughly completed, as I want to write both versions of the short story before fine-tuning more details. This is all so exciting to me!

I missed truly creative writing; this much freedom with my writing is bringing back a few memories of short stories that I wrote in grade five, and was so proud of! I wonder if I can find them in any of the old files on my mom’s computer… perhaps that would be a good part of my presentation, to compare deliberate rebellion against Freytag’s pyramid, versus naiveness, and see if it makes a difference in the overall flow of the story. Although there might be too many grammatical errors to even know what I was trying to say… We shall see.

One thought on “ZIP pidee doo dah, ZIP pideeday. I love writing, and Zip seems okay…

  1. Mackenzie,

    An inspired way to demonstrate your learning. I am looking forward to seeing what your experiences are with free writing vs. writing directly to Freytag’s pyramid. Remember that most stories have been inspired or modelled by their predecessors, so don’t feel too worried about lifting plot ideas and amending them for your own use. As long as you honour the original story, and make it your own, there is no problem in mining for inspiration. All the greats have done it — even Shakespeare!

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