Here We Go… Back at it Again With The Freytagging of 3D Triangles

Zip Proposal


“To what extent are the points on Freytag’s pyramid vital in the creation of a short story?”

Propose and Plan

I have always loved creative writing, so when the zip project was introduced, I saw it as an opportunity to pursue a passion of mine. I want to study short story writing, and the effect that Freytag’s pyramid has on the success of a plot. Specifically, I want to know: to what extent are the points on Freytag’s pyramid vital in the creation of a short story?

I have always loved reading, but when a book starts at the climax, I get particularly interested. I’ve only ever followed the structured pyramid that we are given in class, without question. However, I want to gain the skill of starting a plot at different points on the pyramid, or skipping over them entirely, and view the difference that it makes in a readers understanding of the story.

I have never been taught anything about starting at different parts of the pyramid, so I am walking on uncharted territory here. I know that books which start at the climax, drag readers in quicker, and are typically action or adventure genre stories. I don’t generally write action stories, because I prefer slower paced reading, and savouring the words on the page. It will be a challenge to write in a new style, and a different plot order, but I am up to it! I do a lot of creative writing, so that should help. I have also spent years studying Freytag’s pyramid, and thoroughly understand the structure. You must know the rules before you break them!

By the end of my Zip project, I hope to improve my short story writing skills, including but not limited to concision, and free writing. I also hope to better my understanding of the short story structure.

I will need help in the completion of my Zip project, mostly from my laptop,  but also from other living breathing humans. If need be, I can always contact my mentor from last year, Emma Fields, who is a skilled creative writer. Besides her, I can look to Mr. Morris for help, or even some of my past English teachers. I may also contact an author in our community to perhaps conduct an interview.

As for items that will be on my desk, my laptop and a copy of Freytag’s pyramid will definitely be present. And perhaps a cup of hot tea may join them occasionally. In all seriousness, I can look to the internet, or books for resources. Like during the Eminent person project, the library will be my new home.

For my final presentation, I think that I am going to record myself reading over the final draft of my short story. Depending on how long the story takes to read, I might also record the other story, which has a different Freytag structure to it. I may also include short video clips of my progress, without sound.



Thursday, November 30th: Choose my zip inquiry question, and begin proposal.

Monday, December 4th: Complete the proposal, and begin researching Freytag’s pyramid and alterations to it.

Friday, December 8th: Begin writing the short story with the regular format. Finish writing it over the weekend.

Monday, December 11th: Write the second short story using the same plot, but start at the climax, followed by the exposition/inciting incident/rising action, then the falling action, and the resolution.

Friday, December 15th: Edit both of the stories, and have three peer reviews completed on each story.

Monday, December 18th: Have three people who have yet to read my short stories, read the irregular format one and write a short summary about it. Have them read the second one and write another short summary. They will compare their understanding of each story, and which one was more effective at:

a) interesting them from the beginning

b) explaining all of the information needed to understand the plot

c) rank the stories on a scale of 1-10, choosing which one they prefer and why.

Friday, December 22nd: Reflect on my audiences choices, and consider why they made them. Did they prefer the story which I expected, or did they choose the other story? Is this because of my writing/would it change with other stories, or is this the general preference and understanding of our population?

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