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So… eminent is fast approaching and I am being overwhelmed with deadlines, and dates, and wow! Anyways, I figured (when I say I figured, it really means it was assigned) that I should post a rough outline of what my speech might focus on/what I plan on talking about. If you don’t know, my eminent person is Julia Child. She was a chef who inspired home cooks all over America, to pick up their pots and pans, and give French cooking a try. If you need more of a refresher than that, feel free to check out my nifty guide to all things Julia

So lets hop into it, shall we?

Throughout my speech, I am going to try and have a continuous metaphor between spices on a chicken (which I will be seasoning during my speech) and my life. This is because Julia had originally aspired to be a writer, and was a huge fan of poetry and the sorts, before and after being introduced to cooking.

Exposition: I’m hoping that someone is going to introduce me, and make it obvious that I am filming my cooking show “The French Chef”. I am then going to pull out a chicken and start preparing it for cooking.

Inciting Incident: I will mention my parents, and how they never quite achieved my definition of success. I will talk about how making money, doesn’t define a persons imprint on the world. It will be obvious, that I, Julia Child want to do something meaningful with the time I have. I will crank up the heat in my ‘oven’ because what is the point of wasting time letting it slowly heat up, if I can fast forward and make the most of the time I have… see the correlation?

Rising action: I’ll really drive the point home about how concerned I (Julia) was that I would be unsuccessful in my life endeavours. How after years of trying, I was thirty four, without a job or partner, and rapidly losing hope. I will select the spices which I want to use with care, as I want everything to turn out perfectly, but it never seems to. This is when I meet Paul, and accidentally spill the spices. All of the hope that I had for my chicken (or life) is flipped upside down, because I had been barking up the wrong tree, or putting all my eggs in one basket. But, I finally am introduced to food when I meet Paul, and therefore realize that a chicken requires much more seasoning anyways. Bland food, is well, bland. At some point here I will say “Everything in moderation, including moderation” which is a famous Julia Child quote, so I’m sure a few people will recognize it.

Climax: I put the chicken in the oven, and hope for the best, just as I begin working on the cookbook which took over a decade to finish. Once I put that time into the cook book, it becomes my obsession. Without it’s success, I will go broke, so this is an extremely defining time in my life.

Falling Action: I will take the chicken out of the oven, and carve it up for eating. I will realize that by taking so long seasoning certain parts of the bird, and accepting my mistakes for the rest of it, I have created a more diverse, and full chicken and character choice, which I do not regret. It has the whole “Don’t rush into things too early vibe to it”.

Resolution: I will end with the classic Bon Appetite! And take a bite out of the chicken. My face of pure joy will showcase the fact that I am proud of what my life has become.


Alright, see you again soon folks!

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