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The scene where Katniss takes Prim’s spot in the games, is particularly telling to Katniss as a person, because before such occurrences, she seemed like an extremely flat character. “‘Prim!’ The strangled cry comes out of my throat, and my muscles begin to move again.” I had to reread that line about three times, before comprehending what Katniss wanted to do, and yet I was still baffled when “With one sweep of [her] arm, [she] push[ed] [Prim] behind [her].” and volunteered as tribute. However, because of that line, the connection between the sisters becomes apparent, and Katniss’ intentions moving forward seem more sensible. While surviving in District 12 is a challenge that Katniss overcomes every day, dying would be much easier for her than watching Prim suffer. I like seeing that close bond between sisters, even though its roots are from bad times, because it gives Katniss so much more depth, and is a refreshing break from the stereotypical fighting sibling relationship. Obviously I don’t live in such a dystopian world, but if I did, I could see myself responding similarly to Katniss. My little sister means the world to me, and perhaps it’s selfish, but I couldn’t live with myself if she was sent to the Hunger games and I hadn’t done everything I could to stop her. Katniss’ values represent the same ones most older siblings have, just in a more extreme way. Despite the fact that Katniss is signing up for a blood battle, she is doing it as a socially responsible individual. She is “consider[ing] the interdependence of people with each other, and the natural environment,” (https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/competencies/social-responsibility) and saving a young person with her life ahead of her, and many other people from having to witness such an innocent child be put in harm’s way. Katniss is always acting for the sake of others, never herself.

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  1. Mackenzie,

    A wonderfully detailed first response to your independent novel study.

    – Excellent work integrating quotations into your own writing. Doing so adds a clarity and flow to your work that is quite enjoyable to read.
    – This piece demonstrates great text-to-self connections that transition well into a discussion of what it means to be a socially responsible individual. Bravo!

    – Be careful when writing about literature in the past tense. For example, “she seemed like an extremely flat character” can be made more active by stating that “she seems like an extremely flat character,” or “she is a flat character.”
    – How might this piece use the literary language that we have discussed in class when talking about Prim’s character? (internal vs external conflicts).

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