Spot the Hamilton references! (Socials final)

Hello TALONted Folks

I was just reading through my first blog post and it is actually quite dangerous, due to the cringe levels of my writing skills. However, after deciphering through the bad vocabulary, I was able to make out, that I still have similar interest in regards to socials. I’m into philosophy, and equality! Which I think I’ve been able to get my fix on, this year. I didn’t really have very many expectations, but after this year, I can only say good luck to my future teachers (My expectations are a little high).

So here is some material that I learnt this year! Although I will never be satisfied because socials is awesome!


Big Ideas

I learnt about how

Collective identity is constructed, and can change over time.

This can be displayed with

-Judy Garland’s career’s rises and pitfalls (My eminent person project)

-America before vs after the 2016 election, we, over in Canada don’t have a soft spot in our hearts like we did after the election of Barack Obama.

-France was always an influential country with a very high military status, as well as the feudal system. During the French Revolution, they were on the verge of becoming a constitutional monarchy, but went farther, and became a republic. They continued to be influential, even getting other countries to revolt as well, even though they were technically following America. During this revolution, the country was very uncivilized, and chaotic. As the revolution simmered down, the political aspect of France returned to its usual state, a leader. But for a long time, it seemed like people just kept fleeing France, so it didn’t look like a very good place to live, to outsiders.


I also thought a lot about how

Disparities in power alter the balance of relationships between individuals and between society.

You could compare this to

-Barack Obama dissing Trump at the correspondence dinner, to how kind he was on Trumps inauguration day.

-Cromwell’s rise to power

-When researching Judy Garland, I read about her different kinds of fans: Garfreaks, and Garfans. The fans that had been to her concerts or had met her, were just fans, those who hadn’t, were commonly Garfreaks, doing anything to attract Judy’s attention. This included committing crimes, in “Support” of their idol. They often got into fights about who was the better fan. This killed some, but badly injured many. Lots of money were spent, in attempt to restore cities to their original state, pre-vandalism
Finally, Mr. Jackson, taught us about how

Emerging Ideas and Ideologies profoundly influence society and events

For example

-Oliver Cromwell’s Prayer book

-Racism and sexism since Donald Trump’s election

-Hamilton was obviously a very prominent character back in the American revolution, although we seemed to have forgotten about him, about three years ago. He was a forward thinker, with ideas unheard of to the majority of the public. Although he didn’t have the original idea to have a revolution; without him, it certainly wouldn’t have succeeded. He was the brain behind the papers, the voice behind the noise, and the force behind the strength.



Curricular Competencies

Ethical Judgement

My whole English civil war project, and Eminent are on Ethical judgement, and I chose to do so.



I did my eminent speech from the point of view of Judy Garlands shoes. I was able to create a character for them, and infer how they may have felt about certain ongoings.


Cause and Consequence

I analyzed the start of the stone wall riot, and think that it was clearly Judy Garlands influence on the LGBTQ+’s, that began their fight to freedom. Without her, they thought everything would go back to the way it was.




Continuity and change

I often focus on different perspectives, from different times. I need to work on different perspectives from the same time. I hope to focus on this next year, especially in my blog posts and documents of learning.



I need to focus more on the “Why” instead of just telling people things without backing them up. I can do this by always supporting every detail, with three pieces of evidence, or reasons why that fact is correct.



I need to focus on real occurrences, and how they affected other events. Not just people during these times. This includes doing some research on the becoming of an event, during my work block/homework time.



What comes next?

As most of you are aware, I am mildly obsessed with Hamilton (Aaron Burr). So HOPEFULLY I will become president one day, and Lin-Manuel + crew will come serenade me because they think I’m as amazing as I think I am! I will obviously continue to listen to Hamilton music, and do as much as I can in regards to equality, especially between the sexes. image





Besides that, all I can do is sit in anticipation for next years socials. Because I’m willing to WAIT FOR IT!




Praying for a good seamstress

** The following is a continuation of my Marie Antoinette project, implying that you: the readers, are peasants.**


October 16th, 1793…

The blade looks sharp, cold, hard, and sharp. They call this the humane style of death, but I don’t believe such things exist. Although I suppose I can’t complain, I never intervened when anyone else was guillotined. But at the same time, their deaths had purpose. They were criminals, they didn’t deserve life. What was it that I did, making you peasants believe I was a criminal?

When Louis did this, I couldn’t watch, I physically couldn’t. Now, all I want to do is watch. He doesn’t have the choice to not look, poor thing. In heaven, which I’m sure is where he resides, there is no up to look to, only down. So I’m sure he is staring at me right now, with terror I would hope. I never really knew with him though. He was perpetually expressionless, he never thought of the fear it could cause his close companions, mainly me. We were lonely. Jeanne-Louis-Henriette Campan, my lady in waiting, was my only escape from the eerily tall, reflective walls in the Chateau de Versailles. It’s always quiet there, which is why I only ever went for gowns that spoke noise, and laughter. I did splurge quite often I suppose, but a queen can’t wear the same dress twice, and what else was I to do? I took long walks in the courtyard, and got my portrait painted, but it was a dull life. My father chose this for me. He arranged it with my husband’s grandfather, for some sort of peace marker between Austria and France. Ridiculous if you ask me, it only meant more hate towards me, from this country I’ve lived in for years. And on top of that, my very own husband still turned against my beloved homeland. He never truly loved me, I realize now. It was all popularity and politics when it came to him. But I was drawn into politics myself when Madame du Barry decided to ruin my life. she had an affair with the king; treason! Then that silly necklace affair, yet another AFFAIR involving royalty. That Jeanne de Valois-Saint Remy tricked the jeweller into thinking I wanted that necklace, making my own countries distrust towards me even stronger. You trusted her, thinking I was hiding my expenses from you, because you couldn’t afford your darn bread. That’s the bakers problem, not mine! This country is ridiculous, yet the only real home I know. I suppose it’ll be nice up in the clouds, I can be closer to god that way. There is nothing worse than here, so I suppose if god resides with the people, and sends me to hell, my life would still be more enjoyable. Let’s just pray there is a good seamstress down there. AMEN!

SLAM poetry… :)

Hello TALONted folks! I, Mackenzie am back. As promised before, I am now beginning my in-depth project! (This is very exciting for me).

In-depth is a five month-long project, where the student (me) researches a passion of choice, then presents it to the general public on in-depth night. I will be researching, and learning how to better perform SLAM and spoken word poetry. Spoken word is just poetry, but written with the intent of performing it for an audience. SLAM, is the same as spoken word, but with a few extra rules and guidelines. These include: a time limit of 3 minutes and 10 seconds, no props (including background music), no nudity, or animal acts, the poem must be of the poets own creation, and there is an extremely specific scoring system involved.

SLAM poetry has become extremely popular in the last few years, and I am very excited to be joining this poetry culture.

Joining me, and helping with my process, is Emma Field. She is a seasoned professional in the art of SLAM poetry, as well as TALONS. You can simply look up her name, and videos of her performances from several competitions pop up as frequently as a whack-a-mole. Here are a few of her poems: Advice to the aspiring ballerina,  love from the iceberg, Neverland, and Pluto.

I have always been really into writing, but usually just short story type pieces. This year, I did a project called Zip, on SLAM in English class, and got super into it. I’ve written a few poems, but need a lot of work on my writing and performance techniques; hopefully Emma can help me with this.

I have participated in a SLAM workshop with Sabrina Benaim, who is a famous poet, and joined the SLAM club at my school. Tonight, I will be competing in the Hullabaloo qualifying SLAM, to try and get a spot on my schools team. Hullabaloo is a provincial competition, with 6 competitors from each school who chooses to join. It is highly competitive, so wish me luck!

Yours Truly, Marie of France

**The following is for a project where I am the (last) queen of France, Marie Antoinette**


Bonjour Peasants! Je m’apelle Marie Antoinette, although this is my lady-in-waiting typing this out, as I am mildly illiterate, and do not understand these clicking button objects. You can visit her blog here.

I can already hear your desperate cries from the streets, demanding to know more about me; the beautiful queen, wife, and mother of four. **Rest in Peace Sopie-Hélène-Béatrix (My last daughter).**  As you are likely aware, I was born Austrian, as Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna, but that doesn’t mean I stand for France any less. My husband and I have lived in le château de versailles for years now, and I can only thank you French people for that to be a possibility. However, more money is never a problem; as I’m sure you are aware, we would love to expand yet again!

Unfortunately Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Rémy has essentially framed me, to make me seemingly unreliable, because of this silly necklace affair. Extremely immature if you ask me. It is but a small inconvenience to me, as I will simply sentence him to execution, showing all of you, who the real, “Queen of the World” is. Just to elaborate, the great necklace affair; wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for my father-in-law’s mistress. The king made this necklace for his mistress, and then passed away, bless his soul, so she never received it. The jewellers had no one to sell the necklace to, so they thought I would be the best choice? As if. I do not agree with adultery, and will have nothing to do with the sort. Just to clear up any rumours. No, I am not Madame du Barry. Anyhow, some lady thought she could reveal the bad side, (which is nonexistent) of us royals, with a scheming plan of sorts. She pretended to be me, in letters between herself and the jeweller. He was ignorant enough to not realize how I sign my name at the end of letters. Pitiful really. It would’ve been fun to see how that all played out.

Now you peasants are trying to revolt against me, believing that it was a hidden scandal, another way for me to strip you of cash. While I always love new gowns, I would NEVER rip you off like that. And if you decide against completely killing my dear husband and I, I might even give you a slice of my brioche!

Perhaps going out, and showcasing my new wardrobe, will help you see what a lovely queen I do make. You would understand how kind and generous I am, and that I could never scheme against this beloved country of France.

Please keep my husband and I in your prayers, while we endure these hardships. We would never do anything against you, and do not deserve anything against us in return!



Yours Truly


Queen of France and Navarre

Alexander Hamilton VS Aaron Burr -my favourite human being to ever roam this planet

Hello TALONted folks. It’s been a while since I last blogged, because of winter break (which was mighty fine). However, the TALONS class is now starting a project called in-depth (more on that later) which will require me to blog every two weeks :)

This post, has absolutely nothing to do with in-depth though, so I apologize for that rambling session. Let’s dive right in.

Here is my Theme map! Map
By the way, I only did three drawings, because I figured ~That would be enough~ of my wretched art skillzzz

As you could probably infer, this mind map is about the conflict between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. My theme statement can be found in the centre. The whole thing would take up to much room, so that is only the short version. The extended edit is: People appreciate someone who is forthcoming about their opinions, instead of being too planned out, and plotting every future move that they make. I branched that off into three smaller sections, with little twigs on a few of them. Most sections are pretty self-explanatory, but there are a few that I thought needed some explaining.

**If you haven’t watched Hamilton, proceed with caution. There are a few things that could be considered spoilers, although in my personal opinion, the entire story is given away in the first song, because Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius and can do whatever he wants.**

Let’s begin with the

Yellow section and work clockwise.

When I say Hamilton GETS a Schuyler sister, I simply mean that after all of their quarrelling, Eliza AND Angelica choose Hamilton over Burr. Angelica even said, “Burr, you disgust me.” and the fact that he responded with,

“So I see that you’ve discussed me.” is just the best thing ever. But it brings me to the next part, about Burr putting words into people’s mouths. He does it here, and in many other situations, proving that he has obviously gone through each conversation in his head before it happens, because no one is on their toes that much.

Orange section

As I said before, Burr cannot improv, and has very planned conversations… see the relationship? One of my branches says Wait for it, but I mean the catchphrase, not the song. The rest of my branches relate to the conversation between Washington, Burr, and Hamilton, that takes place during the song, Right hand man.

Purple section

My, “Hamilton VS Burr duel” section, is trying to show the fact that Hamilton shot to the sky, Burr shot Hamilton, and was then hated because he wasn’t a man of honour. Because Burr had to plan everything ahead of time, he had full intention to kill Hamilton, and go home to his daughter. The few milliseconds Burr had between seeing Hamilton aiming up, and pulling the trigger, weren’t enough for him to realize, and change his mind about killing Hamilton. He regrets this later, as he tells in the first song, with the line, “I’m the damn fool that shot him.

Because Hamilton -Threw away his shot- (tears)

ok byyyyyyyeeee