The Man that got Away… Get it? ;)

Eminent grade 9 LC cokeEminent is finally over, but I’m not sure whether that is a good, or bad statement. I put so much hard work into my learning centre, that it’s slightly depressing to have it only last for an hour. At the same time, it probably means less stress.

Night of the Notables, isn’t a night that I will be forgetting anytime soon. I was a MC, which will hopefully make next years speech delivery, a bit easier. At intermission, we had the first act come out and take a bow. We had a joke, and some lines prepared, to invite them onstage. But as soon as Tori and I, (The two MC’s) stood up, it all went down the drain. The crowd knew that was the last act, and wouldn’t stop applauding until the speakers left the stage. We couldn’t control them; they were like untamed lions or something. Next year, I hope to hear that same applause once more; that same standing ovation, one last time.

Eminent grade 9 LC mirror

I am an actress, so I love being on stage, or behind camera, which is one reason why I chose to research Judy Garland.

Most people know Judy by the characters that she played, or the songs that she sang, but they don’t think they know the real Judy. In actual fact, if you’ve heard Judy sing, you know her.Eminent grade 9 LC song You know how kind, and accepting she was, you know the suffering she went through, you even know what a good mother she was. Judy puts so much emotion into her singing, its like her voice is a storybook, a quick snapshot of her life.

I particularly remember one man who came to my learning centre. He walked down the hallway, ignoring every other student. He stopped at my learning centre, closed his eyes, and swung his head to the song, Somewhere over the Rainbow, which was playing on my speaker. When the song changed to The Man that got Away, he opened his eyes. He looked at me, and simply said, “So sad, she was very young.” I asked him how much he knew about Judy Garland, but he didn’t speak much English, so it was hard to tell. It sounded as if it was his first time experiencing her music.

That one guest at my learning centre, showed me that I had succeeded. Judy herself, got to send her own message to that man, instead of me doing it for her.

While the rest of my conversations were enjoyable, that one will always be my favourite. Judy has always been someone I’ve looked up to, but I never realized just how much she influenced our society.

Here are a few photos of my learning centre, which was a huge success.

Eminent grade 9 LCThe whole kit and caboodle
Eminent grade 9 LC books

My two new favourite books. Just kidding, but they were really interesting!

Eminent grade 9 LC pillsDon’t worry, its just skittles, smarties, chalk candies, and those dinosaur things that you put in water and they grow! (They were fun the day after;  yes I know I should be in kindergarten)

**For those of you wondering, I didn’t make any money to save the shoes, because I was so enthralled in my conversations with people, that I forgot to even bring it up a lot of the time. People commonly didn’t have their wallet with them, if I remembered to ask at all.**
Eminent grade 9 LC shoes

That time I emailed a dead guy… oops

Before starting, I’d like to point out, that my practice interview went REALLY well; I interviewed an extremely insightful parent that taught me a lot about myself, (Even though it wasn’t really eminent yet.) Honestly, he set my pace for the rest of the project though. *Thanks Carter’s dad.* One quote that he provided me with, that really helped/killed me during eminent, is that,

“People who don’t respect you, don’t deserve your time.” – Mr. Phillips

You see, I am someone who dwells on every past… anything. So, when the real interviews rolled around, I took Mr. Phillips’ quote to heart. When I didn’t receive a response from someone i’d emailed, I didn’t take it personally. Usually, I might’ve cried in my room for a while, (Or something drastic like that), instead of realizing that people do have schedules, and lives, or… lack of lives in the case of one of the people I emailed. Again, lets not dwell on that er, mistake shall we call it? The point is, that I was able to get more done, because I wasn’t reflecting on my past decisions for an hour every day. If you want me to be brutally honest, I think that the most important thing that I learnt about myself, over the course of eminent, is how irrational I am.

The most challenging part about the interviews for me, was finding someone to email in the first place. I wanted someone who had done some research on Judy Garland, or had met her before. So, I started out with emailing the two authors of the biographies I was reading, on Judy Garland. Then, I spread my fishing net out further, and emailed a few people who had publicly interviewed those two authors. I realized afterwards, that one of these people hadn’t had any internet activity since the late 1990’s. Nothing. He did the interview, in 1997, but nothing since then. The interview page hadn’t even been updated. The message also bounced right back, saying that the address was no longer in service. I’m assuming he passed away, but I don’t know for sure, because he wasn’t a very well known journalist.

Next, I emailed one of Judy’s fans, who has a whole blog dedicated to her, but again, no response. I even tried to get hold of Judy’s daughters emails, but that proved to be a huge failure, and a big waste of time!

Last year, I did a short interview on my acting teacher, about what it was like growing up as an actress, to practice asking questions based on previous answers. I remember it, so I suppose you could count that as my eminent interview, but I wasn’t even in TALONS yet, so not really.

Mr. Jackson saw me struggling, and attempted to aid me. He gave me the email address of a Talons alumna, who had studied Judy Garland, years before. Props to her, because she’s the only one who ever emailed me back, but unfortunately, she had studied Julie Andrews, not Judy Garland. Oh well, I tried.

So while I didn’t manage to obtain an actual interview, I don’t think it really mattered, because of my inspiring practice interview.

Some awesome sources on Judy Garland for y’all!


**Not to be mistaken with bibliography**

(These are just in the order that I happened to come across them, I rate all of them a 10/10)


Queerty interview

Gave me a basic understanding of who Judy Garland was, and what she stood for. I learnt about how she felt about her predominantly gay following, as well as one possibility on what could have happened if she hadn’t died in 1969. I also didn’t realize how humorous Judy was.


The Washington post

I learnt that, from an extremely young age, Judy’s mother stuffed pills down her throat. She would stop for nothing, until her baby was famous. Amphetamines, pep pills, and sleeping pills were the norm, for a preteen. From a very young age, she was addicted to the pills that would eventually kill her.


The Judy Room

Taught me about Judy’s final film with the MGM productions corporation, Easter Parade. I was reading her schedule for filming, and noticed just how much she was working. During this film, she missed many days due to her plummeting health conditions.


Interesting Facts about Judy Garlands Ruby Slippers

Questions and Answers about the Slippers

These two sites, were mainly for my speech, giving me some important details pertaining to the history of Dorothy’s red slippers. I did my speech, from their perspective. They are great sites, that are extremely informative on her shoes.


Special Dedication to Judy Garland

Judy’s most well known film, is the Wizard of Oz. This website was really helpful, and taught me a lot about the, “Behind the scenes,” of filming the iconic movie. I learnt about how her cast members treated her, the disastrous filming process, as well as how they filmed each scene.


The Wizard of Oz makes Judy a Superstar

Made me realize who Judy was competing against. From the very beginning, Judy wasn’t a star, like Shirley Temple. Shirley didn’t have the natural ability that Judy had though, referring to her acting and singing. After the Wizard of Oz, Judy’s ability started to be appreciated.


The New York Times

This article was more of an overview of Judy’s life. It was a good research tool, because it helped me zoom in on the sad parts of her life. I always like having two sides to every story, and this was definitely one of those sides.


Surprising Facts about the Wizard of Oz

Was really helpful for my speech. It zoomed in to the, “not-so-pretty,” parts of the Wizard of Oz filming. It had many little known facts, and after looking them up on several other websites, they were all true. A lot of the facts are vague versions of the real thing.


The Exploitation of Judy Garland

Although partially outdated, this website took a better look at the exploitation of Judy Garland during the filming of the Wizard of Oz. This is a definite must-read article, for people looking to find a second side to Judy’s perfect life.


Judy Garland News Blog

This is a Judy Garland fan’s blog page, so it glazes over the sad parts of her life, but I read a few of his entries, to learn more about the types of fans she had. It was really interesting to hear his view on her different kinds of fans. You can also read a few of his other entries, links are in his blog!


Why Famous Women Marry Gay Men

Although it’s not directly related to Judy, it was good to research with. I learnt more about why she might have been drawn to marry gay men, and why she never realized they were homosexual.


Judy’s IMDb page/quotes

I used this website near the end of my project, to compare how I thought Judy felt about certain objects and people in her life, versus what she stated in her quotes. I agreed with all of the quotes, but I think it’d be better to read them in the beginning of the project.


Judy Trivia on IMDb

This website had some great trivia questions, to refresh my memory near the end of the project. Seeing as, after presenting my speech, I didn’t do very much research. It would also be a great starting point if you want to learn about Judy Garland, for whatever reason.



Here is the link, just in case the movie doesn’t show on your screen: )

Life with Judy Garland: Me and my Shadows

This is a movie based off of Lorna Luft’s, (Judy’s daughter) book. It’s a great source, that was really interesting, and more fun to watch, then just reading pages of words. I 100% recommend! (You can also find part two and three of the movie on youtube… I watched them as well.)




Judy Garland: The Secret Life of an American Legend

I read more of this book, because I picked it up, and just couldn’t put it back down. It is a biography, but its entertaining. It feels more like a story, because its not straight facts. My favourite part was near the beginning, when it talked about her parents life before Judy. This is a great read for those of you looking for an interesting biography.


Get Happy 

I didn’t read much of this book, due to time restrictions; but the parts that I did read were extremely informative, and interesting. Honestly though, over the course of Eminent, I’ve come to love anything about Judy, as you will.


Hope this helps! Feel free to leave a comment for any clarification, I’d be happy to help! 😀

Tomorrow is Night of the Notables… AAAAHHH!

Night of the Notables is TOMORROW! I am really nervous and excited and scared and ecstatic and confused and wow… As you know, I have studied Judy Garland for the past four weeks. It’s been a roller coaster of a month; and I am both glad, and disappointed that it is over.

My learning centre has a variety of different items, which you can come see tomorrow, at 7pm on the top floor of our school. I figured I’d take this opportunity to explain one item that can be found at my learning centre. While I will be showcasing my own version of Dorothy’s red slippers, I will also have a small jar, to try and save those same shoes.

Recently, the Smithsonian museum asked the public to help them save the scarecrow costume from The Wizard of Oz, and raise $300,000 to save the ruby red slippers. They need to restitch the sequins on, and fix the discolouration of the heels. They are also looking to buy a preservative case for the shoes, to protect them from any harsh conditions. After six months of wear and tear during filming, thirty years sitting in the dark, and a handful of owners mistreating the shoes, they are in desperate need of some repair! Unfortunately, donations are not accepted for the red slippers, past 9 tomorrow night, so I may have to donate to save the scarecrow costume instead.

Because my speech was from the perspective of the shoes, this blog post will be about them though.

So, the jar at my learning centre will have a short description, of why the shoes need restoration. I’m hoping that people will put any spare change that they have floating around, into the jar. My goal is to donate $30, but if I don’t reach that goal, I am willing to pay the difference, depending on how much it is. All of the money made will be sent directly to the Smithsonian. If they make more than the necessary $300,000, which they already have, the money will be put towards further research/investigation of the shoes.

These shoes at the museum were donated by an anonymous contributor, who originally bought them from a man called Kent Warner who was a costumer at MGM studios. MGM, or Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, was Judy’s production company for just under forty years, (She died at 47, so thats pretty good!).

Kent Warner, rediscovered the heels after thirty years of them being in a closet. He sold them at this MGM auction, along with several other pairs used for the Wizard of Oz, one of which was never filmed, but was the original design. He kept one pair for himself, before selling it to that private donator years later; whom later gave them to the Smithsonian.

You can help save the shoes by donating money at my learning centre, or by donating to the Smithsonian’s Kickstarter page.

Some advice for public speakers… Enjoy it while it lasts!

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while, but honestly, I’ve been so focused on all eminent and zip related things (speeches), that I haven’t even made my midway document of learning yet… Ahhh! I figured I would use this opportunity to tell you all about the speeches that took place today.

For the past week or so, I have had nervous breakdowns like they were going out of style. The stress of Zip and Eminent, were weighing down on me, they were all I could think about. Unfortunately, I was so stressed that I couldn’t focus, and actually get any work done. Thus, hours were spent staring at a computer screen, crying internally. One of the factors to my stress, was technology. I have worked off of an iPad 2 for years; it’s slow, but it was always suitable for my school needs… Until this year… My iPad isn’t compatible with all of this Google doc based homework. So, I had to wait, and use my mom’s work computer, when she finished work at the end of the day, or not finish the homework. Usually a combination of both. So after stressing about school and technology for a whole week, my mom ordered me a laptop! Yay! It’s coming tomorrow, and I am so excited, to actually start getting my work done! (For those wondering, it’s the new iPad Pro. I’d love any advice, on how to use it, or any other Mac computer in general, because it’s **cue music** A whole new world, a whole new place I’ve never been!

Gif courtesy of google images

Gif courtesy of google images

After that weight was lifted off of my shoulders, I was able to calm down a little bit. I was even able to finish my speech; with little time to spare. I posted my speech, which is from the perspective of Dorothy’s red slippers by the way, on the Facebook Google doc for speech editing. After editing several other TALONS speeches, I received multiple edits on my own. Fixing it up, I began to recite, and memorize my speech; although not very well I have to admit. So, today when my turn for presenting came, I was terrified.

I got up to the front, in my elaborate shoe costume, and smiled. I looked ridiculous, but my fellow TALONS members were kind enough to laugh. After presenting my speech, with a few minor errors, I was quite proud of myself. There is a quote in our Eminent booklet, that sums up the feeling I received quite well…

“Those three seconds of dead silence after your speech, followed by the thunderous cheers from your classmates. The energy from that night will stick with us our entire life.”
-Alumni Raiya

Everyone just seemed happy, it wasn’t them presenting. Although there were a few with a pang of jealousy, I’m sure, because I had it over and done with.

Today, I get to go home and prepare for my learning centre… Which I might make a post about, who knows. It depends on the time, because right now, I’m running out of it, and fast.